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Overkill Car Security was established by Taras Pinkewich, to cater to the security needs of Perth and the surrounding suburbs. To this day, Taras is still committed to keeping you and your assets safe. "Overkill" began as a statement of impact, never compromising on delivering solid results with serious and professional service .

Mr Pinkewich became involved at the dawn of Car Security in 1981 as an industry long ago in Sydney with the likes of Yellow Light, Red Light, Croc-Lock, Cobra, Piranha, Rhino, Black Widow, Mongoose to just name a few and later again in Perth. He was a founder of the "Immobilser", a marketing name coined right here in Perth with the development of the original undefeated "Touch Point Immobiliser".

Since that time Overkill Car Security continues operating in Perth with a solid reputation and  100% Customer Satisfaction.



9am to 9pm, 7 days a week, contactable personal service, for emergencies, bookings or free information .

Workshop and Mobile services are available Monday to Saturday, 9 am till 6 pm. Sundays and after hours can be made available. 

Products used are reputable and reliable, of the highest quality, manufactured to stringent Australian Government Standards and serviceable all around Australia and  overseas countries. 

Work is performed by Government registered and approved technicians and includes a lifetime warranty, giving an almost faultless history in regard to workmanship and product reliability.

Overkill Car Security is dedicated to your needs by installing Alarms, Immobilisers, GPS Tracking Systems, Keyless Entry, Electric Windows, Cruise controls and more into automotive and marine vehicles to Government standards and above with 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Taras electronics

The above historical newspaper extract was from the time when WA Government had just made Immobilisers in cars compulsory. NB: The indicated prices and rebate conditions no longer apply!

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